3 week diet

3 Week Diet program, have you heard about it? This program helped me lose 20 pounds at the end of 21 days plus an additional 35 pounds afterwards!

If you are a beginner, Brian Flatt’s the 3 week diet program is an great opportunity knocking at your door. My name is Lori and welcome to my review. I bought and tested this program, so here’s my offer…

No gimmick and straight to the point, I will give you my honest opinion on The 3 Week Diet okay? You can visit the official page by clicking here

3 week diet

What is the 3 week diet program? 

The 3 week diet program is based on scientific formulas helping individuals lose weight ranging from 10 to 30 pounds in just 21 days. Anyone can participate in this program irrespective of age, race, color, geographical conditions, food habits, or ethnicity. This is an great program for beginners such as myself and my husband and has bought us great success. lose day

Back when I was overweight, this program was recommended to me by a family doctor. Since no experience is required on this occasion, the 3 week diet program is suitable for both beginner and intermediate levels. 

The secret sauce behind this program is entering your body into starvation mode. When the mode is entered, your body will burn the fat stored for fueling the liver, and bodily functions. This is a safe and proven weight loss technique.

Client after 4 weeks!

Possible to lose 10-30 lbs at the end of 21 days?

Yes, I have lost over 40 pounds on this program myself. I was a complete beginner and managed to be successful when I first started, this means you can too! When I first started my weight lost journey, I did my own research and created an personalized diet plan for myself. To my surprise, what I came up with was very similar to the 3 week diet program. The 3 week diet sticks to the basics for weight loss such as caloric counting and healthy eating.

3 week diet
Client Jenny after 5 weeks on the program and losing 32 pounds

You can do your own research and lose weight successfully on your own as well. My personal recommendation is to invest in the 3 week diet program anyways. It’s time consuming doing research plus you don’t need to create your own meals. The problem with doing research, is the need to filter correct and incorrect information. It is much easier to get started with this program, believe me.

Who is the author?

Brian Flatt, he’s the originator of this magical program. As an exceptional nutritionist and health coach, he has spent more than 10 years gathering knowledge in this industry. This program has helped many of his clients get into top tier shape.

What happens after 3 weeks?

You keep on dieting! The first 3 weeks you will see the most fat loss while using this program. After that you just following the diet until your desired weight loss goal. The most weight I’ve seen was someone losing 80 pounds in 7 months using this program!

Who is the program suitable for?

Ideally for anyone stuck or first starting out, but anyone can use it for great success. I have many different diet approaches and the 3 week diet is my favorite and most effective program.

Whats the best thing about this program?

Almost everyone who loses weight with this program immediately notices a huge increase in facial aesthetics as an end result. Pointy cheekbones, defined jaw and the absence of fat in the face is usually what people notice. This happens when someone loses enough weight and their true facial structure is revealed from the absence of fat. Many of my friends end up looking like totally different people.

Below is a pic of my friend after losing 30 pounds with the program. You can see her facial aesthetics increased drastically.


3 week diet
Increased facial aesthetics from losing fat

Below is a pic of one of my clients after 3 weeks into the program. You can notice how his triceps are starting to lean out.

3 week diet
Triceps leaning out after 3 weeks

What is the main goal?

The main goal is to help you lose the most amount of weight at the end of 21 days. It will teach you a new lifestyle, most people will continue to follow the program afterwards such as myself.

From my personal experience, this diet taught me everything I needed to know about weight loss. At the end of my 3 weeks, I designed and personalized a program for myself with the knowledge obtained from this program.

One of the biggest things my clients noticed was the increased in vascularity that comes from losing weight on this program. You can see his amazing vascularity below!

Leg vascularity after 3 week diet

What if the program doesn’t for me?

Just like anything you purchase the 3 week diet offers a 60 day full refund. Their are a small exception of people who for whatever reason are not satisfied with this program and have gotten their money back if its within 60 days. I personally loved the program and kept it for anyone of my friends who might want to use it in the future.

Below is the pictures of one of my friends.  There are no shirtless pics of my friend on day 1 because he was embarrassed to take pictures with his shirt off. This was his progress through 21 days.

Day 1 (Far left)
3 week diet





14 Days Later

3 week diet








21 Days Later


What’s included in the 3 week diet program?

The 3 week diet system is comprised of 4 parts, these are:

    Basic introduction and goes over basic nutrition.
    The actual diet plan and guidelines for the diet.
    Example workout and suggested workout routine for each body part. Training frequency and techniques.
    Great section and offers advice on how to stick to any diet!

What can I expect?

Below are some things you can expect. Based on my personal and hundreds of clients experience. 

  • DAYS 1-7:
    5 to 10 pounds if water lose. Waist leans and arms look more define
  • DAY 7-14:
    Vascularity increases and you can expect to lose 4 to 6 pounds of pure fat
  • Day 21:
    Face leans up greatly. Stomach is much thinner and some people even report their upper abs showing up. Most people report up to losing 20 pounds at this point.

Personal tip: Sticking to your BMR and eating the amount of calories specified will give you the best results. I recommend you download and install MYFITNESSPAL on your phone. The app is free and will allow you to add and track everything you eat fairly accurately, doing this will guarantee you the best results. 

My Final Verdict

Losing weight is no easy task.  The good news is anyone willing to put in the effort can make it happen. I was the last person anyone expected to lose weight. However, with with the 3 week diet program I accomplished the impossible.

The 3 week diet program offers a 60 day money back guarantee and is currently offered at a discounted price so why not give it a try? Even if you don’t get the results you desire, you can get your money back. So what do you have to lose? Just wanted give back and share with you ladies and gentlemen what has worked for me!

 Brian Flatt the author of the “3 week diet” has lost over 40 pounds himself personally. To learn more about his program and weight loss advice/journey, you can visit his official site by clicking the link below


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Lori Yu
Lori Yu is the founder of Reviewyu. I am passionate blogger and fitness enthusiast by heart. This blog is made to express my knowledge on writing blogs and losing weight.


    • Just an update.
      So after 6 weeks with this program I’ve managed to drop 26 pounds! The weight loss was was quick at first but drops down to an consistent basis. Pretty simple to follow and now I got my best friend on these program. Thank you so much for your review! If I didn’t hear about it, I probably would still be struggling with my weight loss! Much thanks Lori!

  1. so i bought the 3 week diet, read everything and i must say that the amount of information provided is amazing. Everything is laid out and simple to follow and I am very excited to start this program soon.

  2. Spot on review. This program is unique in the fact that it not only teaches you how to lose weight, but teaches you to find a balance and maintain a healthy life style. This program is a great read and anyone should be able to lose a good amount of weight using it.

  3. I have been struggling with weight loss for some time. I purchased the program and contacted Lori since I needed help. We skyped and she was a great help! She cares and explained everything to me in detail. First week in and I’m already down 6 pounds which is a huge shock. Can’t wait until I reach the end of week 3. This is a good program to check out!

  4. Am in Ghana how do I purchase the diet plan…can it work for me? Have been struggling with my fat belly, arms and weight but know progress yet. Please help i really need to lose up to 20 pounds. Thanks

    • You can purchase it online using your credit card or paypal by visiting the official site, just click the link above the comment section. If you have 20 pounds to lose, this is the great program so check it out. My client just ended her fifth week and she is down 18 pounds.

    • Yes, losing weight is just can caloric deficit. Its actually better to use an vegan based diet since its more healthy and nutrient dense.

      • Hi Lori ,I’m a strict vegetarian nd I want to lose 40 kgs,is it possible ?read somewhere that you skype,can we? I have tried several diets nd not very successful,need help

  5. Fifth week on this program and already down 14 pounds. I was skeptical at first but turns out it does work. Relatively easy to follow and straight to the point. Thank you very much! 😀

  6. Brilliant! I am in law school and very busy so i needed something that was relatively simple and that i could stick to and this worked wonders. I have lose 9lb so far in 3 weeks which was only half of my goal but i am still super happy with considering i sort of half-assed the regime.

    • Great job Griffith! I have personally seen the progress pictures you’ve sent me and you look great! Cant wait to see your end result 😀

  7. Never thought id ever pay for a diet, but $45 i spend on a daily basis on useless crap so thought i might as well give it a try…plus the 60 day refund guarantee i had nothing to lose. They say “if you want what you’ve never had, do something you’ve never done”- so i paid for a diet, and god damn it changed my life.
    I just finished the 3 weeks and lost 17lb and my abs are coming out, im going to recycle the program and use it again till i get down to about 7% body fat. I cant just say the exercises or the diet or this comment will likely get banned but it is GOOD!!! Highly recommend 5/5!

  8. Is there a way to post pictures here? I dont see an attachment place anywhere. I have very good before and after pics after losing 28lb with this incredible diet, thought i’d help out others who have sent their pics and helped me. My tip: Follow the diet and you will see results, otherwise just use the 60 day refund :).

  9. My doctor once told me, find a diet with these four principles and you will be successful:
    1) Burns more calories than you consume
    2) A high protein diet for muscle mass and increase in metabolism
    3) Frequent meals with high-carb days for energy and to maintain metabolism
    4) Vitamins/minerals/fibre for health
    It took me weeks to find but i finally decided to try this 3 week diet after reading a mountain of positive reviews about the diet of the year. I am so glad i did. I just finished the 3rd week and im down 12lb. Never felt this good in my life. Going to go another round! :DDD

  10. I just bought this program and the download isn’t in my phone. I also bought the audio but it isn’t downloaded. Where do I go back to that page to check it and where does it download to? I have the Kindle reader but it’s not in there.

    • Hi Mary Jo
      Sorry for the late reply. Did you find the download yet? It’s been a few days so I assumed you solved your issue.

  11. I just finished the third week of this diet, and it really does work! I have gone from 180 to 158 pounds and i’m pretty shocked by my results to be honest.


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