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Being Fat, Am I Accountable for my Weight Gain?

Being fat, an touchy subject. There is a pile or an endless list of reasons for being overweight. You cannot just pinpoint at one and declare it the ultimate reason for you being fat. But then again, who is to blame then for you or me being fat? Let’s just admit the fact, that people being overweight never take the blame on their shoulders. NEVER! Try telling an obese person that they are the reason behind their weight gain and they might gulp you down their throat. So who is to blame for you being overweight?

A doctor suggested:
Don’t talk about them. Talk with them.

And that is quite right.

Coming back to the question of who is to blame? Our eating habits and lifestyle of course! A lot of workout agencies say that junk food makes you fat, but I disagree. I believe not having moderation and overeating is the key to obesity.

Next, yes you are the one to blame. Deep down inside you know what you are eating and what adverse effects it can have on you. But you still manage to gulp it down, not caring about what your body might turn into. At this very stage, you are the one to blame for becoming overweight day by day. Having control over your temptations is the key to maintaining a healthier life style.

being fatA lot of people don’t exercise and to be honest, I don’t know what they are thinking. Exercise is an booster for a healthier and smarter you. Just spend 20 minutes daily and your body, mind and soul will reap the benefits. You can jog, run, walk briskly, crunches, sit-ups or simply anything. Just dedicate 20 minutes of your day to a healthier version of you.

Now you see how you are the one who’s is responsible for your weight gain? It is best to talk about it with people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Take tips from them. And if you feel shy or awkward talking to people; you always have the internet with you. Search for videos and articles which motivates you. Try settling them slowly into your lifestyle.

You obviously are to blame yourself, somewhere, for being overweight. But only blaming yourself won’t help. Make that your motivation and push yourself further to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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