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It’s new years and many people are trying to get into shape. Its the perfect time for me to write a review on the Bikini model cookbook.  We can all agree that the key ingredient to dropping body fat has to do with our diet.  I purchased and tried this program myself, so here’s my offer:

No gimmick and straight to the point, I will give you my honest opinion on the The bikini model cookbook, okay?

What is the Bikini model cookbook?
This cookbook was created by Caithleen Heffernan. She’s an professional bikini model and nutritionist. The Bikini Model Cookbook review is based on my own personal experience. You will learn in this e-book that it’s possible to lose weight while eating good tasting food. If you are sick and tired of eating broccoli and chicken, the bikini model cookbook will be great for you. It will teach you how to cook healthy meals that actually taste great.

Do the recipes taste great?
The recipes taste great and are easy to make from my own personal experience. To be honest, you can probably google most of these recipes or find something similar online. My personal recommendation is to invest in this cookbook anyways. It will save you a lot of time researching.

Who is the author?
bikini model cookbook

This cookbook was written by an bikini model called Caithleen Heffernan. She is a WBFF fitness pro, bikini model, nutrition expert and personal trainer. I stumbled her article on and was inspired by her love for fitness. You can see the actual article by clicking here


Benefits of the Cookbook
The main goal of this cookbook will teach you the most effective recipes for weight loss. You will gain a good understanding of what types of food to purchase. Surprisingly, I began saving 20 percent more on my grocery bill weekly. Foods that’s are healthier actually cost less. Below, I posted an actual user feedback of the cookbook.

How does it work?
The Bikini model cookbook contains 10 chapters. Each chapter covers a category of food that contains recipes for you to choose from. There are a lots of recipes so instead of posting them individually, I grabbed the pictures from the official site below:
bikini model cookbookbikini model cookbookbikini model cookbookbikini model cookbookbikini model cookbookbikini model cookbookbikini model cookbookbikini model cookbookbikini model cookbookbikini model cookbook

Personal tip: Even though the book was written by a bikini model, anyone and especially guys can use this cookbook to great success as well. Anyone can use this cookbook for great success.

Below are some actual videos of the author cooking some of the meals herself!

Bonus material:
For a limited time, Caithleen Heffernan included 4 bonus you get when you order the product. To be honest, when I first ordered the cookbook these bonuses weren’t offered. So I would have no personal opinion of them. But in case you decided to buy the product, the extras bonuses you would get are:

  • Bonus 1: The Bikini Model Food Myths 
  • Bonus 2: Unlimited Recipe Updates 
  • Bonus #3: Grocery Shopping Guide
  • Bonus #4: Fitness Model Lifestyle
bikini model cookbook

Here are somethings I liked:

  • Great information and will teach you to eat healthy
  • Recipes designed by an bikini model (she uses herself)
  • Good amount of positive reviews online
  • Recipes are only made of whole foods, this will keep toxins out of your body
  • E-book (Instant delivery)
  • 60 day money back guaranteed 
  • Variety of meals to choose from
  • Lots of positive reviews online

Things I disliked:

  • Priced at $49.99 (can be expensive)
  • Need some cooking skills
  • No hard copy (e-book)
  • Book doesn’t list numbers (calories, carbs etc)

Final Verdict
Overall this is a great cookbook and will satisfy you if:
  – You care about eating healthy
– the ability to lose weight while eating food that actually tastes great!
When losing weight the last excuse you want to have is how the food tastes. This book demonstrates that you can lose weight while actually enjoying the taste side of it. The bikini model cookbook offers a 60 day money back guarantee, so why not give it a try? Even if you don’t get the results you desire, you can get your money back. So what do you have to lose? Overall this is a great cookbook, and it has my recommendation. 

Click below to download The Bikini model cookbook and visit the official website

bikini model cookbook


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Lori Yu is the founder of Reviewyu. I am passionate blogger and fitness enthusiast by heart. This blog is made to express my knowledge on writing blogs and losing weight.


  1. I love it! Purchased this book a while back and its filled with great advice. The author gives you all kinds of advice and great meal plans.. Recommend for anyone trying to lose weight


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