Thursday, June 22, 2017

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Easy & Spicy Shrimp Pho Recipe

This authentic Pho is simple and delicious! The key is in the broth, which gets simmered for at least 5 to 6 hours. Ingredients  4 pounds beef soup bones 1 onion, unpeeled and cut in...

how many calories in a big mac

How Many Calories in a Big Mac – The Dirty Truth Revealed

How many calories in a big mac, have you ever asked yourself this question?  The Big Mac is a hamburger sold by McDonald's, and was introduced nationwide in 1968. The big mac is a legendary burger,...
does coke zero have caffeine

Does Coke Zero Have Caffeine – The Truth Exposed

Does Coke Zero have caffeine, a intriguing question that people seem to bring up all the time. Coca-Cola Zero is a popular drink that is based of the original Coca Cola. Coke zero was released in 2005 in...
How Much Caffeine is in a Cup of Coffee

How Much Caffeine is in a Cup of Coffee – Updated Guide

How much caffeine is in a cup of coffee, do you know the answer? Personally, I rely on a fresh cup of coffee each morning to get my day started. Should you be worried about the caffeine...
calories in watermelon

Calories in Watermelon – Nutrition and Facts – 2016

Calories in watermelon, have you ever asked yourself this question? People constantly ask me how many calories does a single serving of watermelon contain. If you don't know, watermelons are native to Africa. They are approximately 92 percent...


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