EC stack is the most powerful fat burning/energy enhancing stack known today! The E stands for Ephedrine and C for Caffeine. If you haven’t seen my free ebook yet, you can download it by clicking here.

What is Ephedrine?
Ephedrine is an herb that originates from China. For 2000 years the ancient chinese has been using ephedrine to treat asthma, colds and nasal congestion.  In the bodybuilding community people refer to ephedrine as an stimulant that effects the nervous system. It works by increasing the bodies BMR (basal metabolic rate), which causes the body to burn calories faster.

EC Stack

What is Caffeine? 
Caffeine is naturally produced in many plants and leaves.  Caffeine stimulates the bodies central nervous system. This can causes an person to remain alert, temporary energy boost and mood elevation.

EC Stack

How does the two work together?
Ephedrine and caffeine act in a synergistic manner similar to chocolate and raisins. The two combined causes the release of nor-epinephrine, and the stimulation of beta-2-androgenic receptors. The two combined mimics the effects of amphetamines but to an lesser degree.

Is it safe?
Extreme caution must be taken when attempting EC stack. Since ephedrine stimulates the nervous system it’s not to be taken if you have high blood pressure, heart problems, prostate enlargement, depression, thyroid disease or diabetes or asthma. Ephedrine stimulates the central nervous system which speeds up heart rate, constricts blood vessels and increases body temperature. dosing  ephedrine caffeine aspirin  caffeine ephedrine  fat loss  asprin  ephedrine asprin  caffeine asprin 

Does it work?
It most certainly does. I was losing on average an extra 1-2 pounds per week while on the EC stack. I also noticed that EC stack suppressed my appetite and gave me mood swings. The only drawback was that I would get constantly hot.

Is Ephedrine legal?
The FDA banned all products containing Ephedrine. You can find the report by clicking here. This potent stimulants work great but can have adverse side effects on with heart problems or high blood pressure. According to wiki ephedrine is still sold legally in the USA in the form of herbs and tea. It is prohibited to sell ephedrine as an dietary supplement.

Do I recommend EC stack?
Personally it has worked great for me so I would choose to use it again. But I would suggest people to consult with a doctor before attempting the EC stack. Your health should be your primary concern,

Ec stack

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  1. Good post! I always knew about EC stack but was to scared to try it. I might use it to lose the last 10 pounds I have. 🙂


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