Thursday, June 22, 2017
gym crush

Gym Crush – How do I approach and tips

The gym is a great place to meet people, but have you ever considered meeting your significant partner there?  So if you have a gym crush than look no further. I personally have approached dozens of men...
How Many Calories in a Banana

How Many Calories in a Banana – 2016 Best Guide

How many calories in a banana, do you know the answer? In this post, we'll examine the most credible websites and break down the information. What are Bananas An edible fruit that is produced by large flowering...
Does Farting Burn Calories

Does Farting Burn Calories – Updated 2016

Does farting burn calories, have you ever asked yourself this question? Farting which is also called Flatulence, is the accumulation of gas inside the stomach. Let's be honest, everyone loves to make fart sounds and hates dieting to...
How Many Calories to Lose Weight Calculator

How Many Calories to Lose Weight Calculator

How many calories to lose weight calculator, have you seen all the different calculators online and wonder which one to use? We'll use Sarah as our example and plug her stats into the top five...
does coke zero have caffeine

Does Coke Zero Have Caffeine – The Truth Exposed

Does Coke Zero have caffeine, a intriguing question that people seem to bring up all the time. Coca-Cola Zero is a popular drink that is based of the original Coca Cola. Coke zero was released in 2005 in...
calories in watermelon

Calories in Watermelon – Nutrition and Facts – 2016

Calories in watermelon, have you ever asked yourself this question? People constantly ask me how many calories does a single serving of watermelon contain. If you don't know, watermelons are native to Africa. They are approximately 92 percent...
gym anxiety

Gym Anxiety – Overcoming Fear of The Gym

Gym anxiety, I would like to start this out with a questions submitted to me by one of my readers. " I've been working out for three months now, and I get gym anxiety when the gym...

EC Stack – Burn More Fat Effectively

EC stack is the most powerful fat burning/energy enhancing stack known today! The E stands for Ephedrine and C for Caffeine. If you haven't seen my free ebook yet, you can download it by clicking...
khloe kardashian weight loss

khloe kardashian weight loss – Her Secrets Revealed

Khloe Kardashian weight loss, have you seen her stunning 40 pound weight loss? If you haven't then take a look at the picture below: Did you notice, Khloe Kardashian is slimmer than ever!  In this...

Muhammad Ali RIP

  RIP to one of the greatest boxing legends of all time. Here the staff at Reviewyu will offer a moment silence. I use to grow up watching his fights and his work ethic has...


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