Thursday, June 22, 2017
gym crush

Gym Crush – How do I approach and tips

The gym is a great place to meet people, but have you ever considered meeting your significant partner there?  So if you have a gym crush than look no further. I personally have approached dozens of men...
facebook marketing

Facebook Marketing – The Complete Guide

I wanted to share a great treat with you today fellow readers. If you want to learn how to market and make money on Facebook, then check out Facebook Marketing - The Ultimate guide. It's...
Peanut butter healthy

Peanut butter healthy? a Quick Look

Is peanut butter healthy, that is the question asked today. I always hear that peanut butter should be avoided at all costs during a diet, and today i'm here to go against that statement. Let me tell you...

Aweber – The Best Email List Platform and Why I Switched

For 8 months I have used Mailchimp to capture email subscribers. Three months ago I switched to Aweber, click here to learn more. In this article I am going to show you why I switched to Aweber...
gym anxiety

Gym Anxiety – Overcoming Fear of The Gym

Gym anxiety, I would like to start this out with a questions submitted to me by one of my readers. " I've been working out for three months now, and I get gym anxiety when the gym...
EDM workout songs

EDM Workout Songs – My Personal Top 5

Welcome to my top five EDM workout songs! This post is for EDM fans only! If you dislike the EDM scene in general then please ignore this post. You don't have to be at an...
tricks to lose weight fast

Tricks to Lose Weight Fast – (We Tried Them)

Tricks to Lose Weight Fast Remember that awesome looking guy you passed on the street the other day and wished you could have a figure like that? You would probably assume this guy eats every...
gold standard whey review

Gold Standard Whey Review – My Breakdown

Hi readers, welcome to my gold standard whey review! When you're looking for a supplement that can help you with muscle recovery and growth, you have a lot of different options in the market....
Weight gain

Being Fat…. am I Accountable for my Actions?

Being Fat, Am I Accountable for my Weight Gain? Being fat, an touchy subject. There is a pile or an endless list of reasons for being overweight. You cannot just pinpoint at one and declare it...

EC Stack – Burn More Fat Effectively

EC stack is the most powerful fat burning/energy enhancing stack known today! The E stands for Ephedrine and C for Caffeine. If you haven't seen my free ebook yet, you can download it by clicking...


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