Does Farting Burn Calories

Does farting burn calories, have you ever asked yourself this question? Farting which is also called Flatulence, is the accumulation of gas inside the stomach.

Let’s be honest, everyone loves to make fart sounds and hates dieting to lose weight. 

According to a Facebook page called “FACT,” one fart burns around 67 calories and farting 52 times can help you lose a pound per day.

Are there any truths to this or no?

fart sounds

What is a fart?

When you eat food you aren’t just consuming a physical substance, you are also consuming its air molecules. Gases like oxygen and nitrogen travel through your digestive system as food is being digested. 

When food is being broken down in the large intestine, gases such as hydrogen, and carbon dioxide are often produced. Needing a way to escape, gases come out as farts!

Farting is the bodies way of releasing excess gas that builds up within the intestines.

Why do Farts Smell?

Gases like hydrogen, methane or carbon dioxide and especially hydrogen sulfide are what gives farting their bad smell. 

Does Farting Burn Calories

When it comes to weight loss people attempt everything you can think off. They starting questioning themselves which sort of physical actives can help them burn the most calories.

Even google seems to back up the claim that farting helps you burn calories.


Lets be honest that most of the population dislike doing cardio to lose weight and will always seek an easier alternative. Eventually people ask themselves, does farting burn calories? Why do they ask such a question? They ask being farting is easy and requires no effort.

Since farting requires no effort on their part, people went crazy when FACT made a Facebook post that farting helps you burn approximately 67 calories.

What you have above is simply a popular topic that was trending heavily back in 2012. Google happened to pick up on a popular trend and attributed credit to it.

If you take a moment and think about it, you will realize that this is complete and utter nonsense! When you fart your muscles relax and gas pressures from your bowels is expelled out from the rear end.

So essentially farting is just basically air! It makes no sense that you would burn any calories, let alone an astonishing 67 calories claimed by a random Facebook group.

To make matters worse, no scientific proof was provided to support its claim. A simple google search on “does farting burn calories” reveal no research dwelling into this topic as well.

To Sum it Up

Farting will not help you burn any significant amount of calories since its mostly just air.

If you want to burn calories and lose weight, then proper dieting with cardio is the most efficient way to do things.

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