Did you know that the majority of animal based foods contains zero fibers?Consuming fiber keeps your digestive system healthy and helps your appetite in control. This prevents heart disease and makes losing weight much more easier.  Now lets take a look at my top 3 plant based foods to help shred the fat off your body.







Beans are often known for their unpleasant side effect, they give you gas. But fortunately, beans are healthy for you. Beans of all types are high in protein, fiber, and low in calories. They contain high amounts of fiber which keeps your appetite in control. This can prevent overeating and consuming too much calories for the day. A half cup of black beans contains roughly 6 grams of fiber and around 90 calories.






Most green vegetables are high in fiber and low in calories. As a result you would get full quicker while eating less. A cup of spinach is roundly 10 calories with 3 grams of fiber. Spinach is powerhouse and contains large amounts of vitamin c and antioxidants. Spinach can easily help you reach your daily fiber goals and helps keeps your appetite and hunger in perfect control.







One of the most well know appetite suppressants, they are effective in controlling hunger and improving digestive flow in the body. Low in carbohydrates and good in fats, nuts are very dense in calories, so be careful when consuming. Examples of nuts includes, walnuts, peanut butter and almonds.

Turn your body into a fat burning powerhouse by consuming blueberries. They contain the largest amount of antioxidants in all produce. They are in high fiber which will help release the toxins from your body. 100 grams of blueberries contains roughly 2.4 grams of fiber and 57 calories. Too learn more about blueberries, click here.


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