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I have always been called a short female.  A while back, I stumbled upon a program called “grow taller 4 idiots,” and I instantly though it be a great idea and do an unbiased review.  I purchased and tried this program myself, so here’s my offer:

No gimmick and straight to the point, I will give you my honest opinion on the grow taller 4 idiots, okay? You can visit the official page by clicking here


What is Grow taller 4 idiots?

Grow taller 4 idiots is a height development program created by Darwin Smith, who happened to be very short himself.

grow taller 4 idiots He did his research and created an e-book filled with tips and techniques that is designed to trigger natural growth. This program does not involve the use of dangerous drugs or surgical methods to increase height. All the methods done is by natural means.

Is it possible to get taller?

Yes, I have personally gained 1.5 – 2 inches in height after completing grow taller 4 idiots. Most individuals can at least grow this much. Most people naturally tend to have poor posture so by correcting posture you automatically gain 1 inch. Is it possible to gain like 1 feet? Unlikely

Grow taller 4 idiots
Sample client I found online

Grow taller 4 idiots, worth investing?

After looking at the reviews online, I concluded that the majority of individuals did see some form of results.

My personal recommendation is to invest in this program anyways but only if you have the money and care about growing a few centimeters. You most likely wont gain anything significant.

When can I see results?

I saw results around the 3-4 week mark. Based on what I read online most people see results within 4-5 weeks.

What if it doesn’t work?

Grow taller 4 idiots offer an 60 day money back guaranteed. If you happen to not like the program or not see any results you can get a refund within 60 days. You basically get to try the program for free then return it.

How does it work?

Grow taller 4 idiots use natural means combined with stretching exercises to maximize an individual height potential. Grow taller 4 idiots will teach you the importance of sleep, posture, exercise, and tips to maximize your height potential. Below is sample of the chapters you would find in the book.

grow taller 4 idiots

Whats included?

You can essentially break the program down in three parts, they are:

Exercises: The fundamental of this program is the exercises that are designed to stretch the spine. You will follow this exercises and perform them daily. Not only will these exercises increase your height, but they will fix your posture.

Nutrition: Teaches you the best types of foods to consume to optimize height gain. The combination of stretching exercises and proper dieting will give you the best results.

Rest: Here you will learn the importance of sleep. You will learn the correct sleeping patterns to best optimize height gain. The human body needs at least 8 hours of sleep per day, you sleep when you grow. This section is really informative 

grow taller 4 idiots
Friends after gaining 2.4 inches

Personal tip: this whole program is basically a foundation of information. You can probably find most of the information online if you look hard enough. But I would invest in this program anyway. Its less time consuming and you can get results faster by not having to do research.

HGH (Human growth hormone)

The author of this book will give you natural ideas to increase your bodies growth hormone naturally. This is a hormone that naturally occurs in humans and is main the factor in determining how tall one will be.

Darwin introduces a homemade cocktail recipe that is supposed to increase the natural production of HGH in the body. To learn more about getting taller, check out this article from livestrong.

Customer testimonial


Final Verdict

After 8 weeks of following this program, I am glad to say that i’m pleased with the results. I gained an extra 2 -3 inches in height. This might not be considered a lot by all means, but I am completely satisfied. My confidence grew and people have surprisingly noticed a change.

Grow taller 4 idiots offers a 60 day money back guarantee, so why not give it a try? Even if you don’t get the results you desire, you can get your money back. So what do you have to lose? Overall this is a great height development program and it has my recommendation.


You can download Grow taller 4 idiots and learn more by visiting the official website by clicking blow


grow taller 4 idiots


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Lori Yu
Lori Yu is the founder of Reviewyu. I am passionate blogger and fitness enthusiast by heart. This blog is made to express my knowledge on writing blogs and losing weight.


  1. Decided to try this program after seeing this review online. Managed to grow 1.3 inches after the program, was definitely worth the investment. I think I could have grown more but I was half slacking the program, I guess its time I did a rerun.

  2. Hello,
    I used this program and gained just under 4 inches over a couple of weeks which i am more than happy with! I was wondering, how often do i have to keep up the exercises to maintain this height?? Or do i even have to keep up the exercises?
    Thank you so much in advance 🙂

    • Hi Kaitlyn
      Good to hear that you are seeing results! I personally perform the exercises once every two weeks.
      From my experience it would take up to 2 years of not performing the exercises to completely lose the height you gained. You would have to not perform the exercises for several months to even begin losing your height. This statement is consistent with other users who have stopped doing the exercises.

  3. Hi Lori!!! Thank you for the review, it was spot on. I recently completed this program and went from 5’8 to 6′ which is great…but i actually only wanted to be 5’11. My girlfriend is short and now i feel way too tall compared to her and she doesn’t like it either… Is it possible to lose an inch or so from your experience? Sorry, i know this is stupid 🙁

    • First of all, congratulations on gaining 4 inches! This is way more then most people who thank me for the program after.
      Performing the exercises less is the only way revert your height back. You would have to not perform the exercises for 6-8 months to even began noticing a height decrease.

        • Hi Khyana, I’m a medical graduate and i can tell you my experience since i was in the same dilemma as you. I was only 5ft before, and i looked for every possible logical way to get taller. I knew there was no point trying growth hormones, because once you become an adult the growth plates in your long bones like your femur fuse and dont respond to any growth hormone.
          However, do you realize when you wake up after 8hrs of sleep you are taller? This is because as the day goes on, your upper body weight compresses your spine making the vertebrae closer together, making you shorter. So can we replicate this? The answer is yes. There are exercises that increase the space between your vertebrae, making you taller and i believe this is what this program is meant to do. I used it and gained around 3.5 inches.
          I cant say it will work for anyone else, but yes it did work for me. Worst case scenario you dont like it and you refund it, theres a 60 days refund guarantee :). Good luck, hope i helped you.

          • I didn’t even know you replied Tara thank you for your response i really appreciate it you response sound very sincere and honest I believe you did u get sleep every night 8 hours ? How long did it take u to realize any result ?

          • I was getting 6-8 hours since I go to school and have a part time job. Saw results around 4-6 weeks as well as most people.

          • Hey Khyana,
            Ooooo i had no idea you already had the program through this site already, and already on week 5!? Amazing. I am 28 years old and i did 12 weeks of the program, and it was working well so i kinda recycled it and did a couple extra weeks 🙂 i got greedy if you may haha. Keep going you’re still in the early stages, you will see changes soon! OH and make sure you get enough protein, i think it helps. Theres a really good review of a protein on this site i used called Vooluu! But it was extra attractive to me i guess since im celiac and vegan haha. Good luck! Keep posting updates im interested in your progress Khyana! Also, where are you from if i may ask?

          • Hi Tara and Khyana
            I use Vooluu myself and its great for maximizing your potential by giving you adequate nutrition. I suggest trying it out

          • I ate lot’s of brown rice and lean chicken breast for my dinner choice. My results were slow at first but you just have to be patient. You should see results soon enough 🙂

          • Lol yeah I had the program already but I wasn’t seeing no gain that’s why I had to come on here and ask if it’s works was so close to giving up cuz I like to drink n since I’m doing this program I don’t do that cuz I’m scared it would effect my chances & really where do you get vooluu from ? And I’m from Brooklyn you ? Oh yeah and I missed one night of not drinking the cocktail cuz I ain’t notice I ran out do you think that would effect to much but I still did the excercide smh

          • Hey Khyana, just keep up the good work and the results will show. Avoiding one cocktail should be fine as long as your consistent enough. You can check out Vooluu by clicking here,
   It’s great and if you take on the side with the cocktail it should give you results much faster and easier. Vooluu actually offers a 60 day full refund, so its basically free to try. If you don’t like just get your money back.
            Newyork is nice, l’m from Utah 🙂

          • Ohhhh lol yeah New York is okay cool will check that website out tomorrow hopefully I can get it this weekend thank you ohhh and yeah I wanna start the advanced tomorrow but now the pull up bar I brought don’t fit but imma start it tomorrow anyways hopefully results come

          • Vooluu is great and it definitely should help you out. Don’t worry the results will come. Just have patience. If you need any assistance you can always find me or tara on here 🙂

          • Hi Khyana,

            How tall are you? Ive never missed the cocktail but im sure it wouldn’t affect you THAT much. I really hope it works for you, from what i read it works for a lot of people but once in a while you do get people saying they literally followed it perfectly and didn’t grown. I suspect they are either lying or theres something about the nucleus propulsa (space between vertebral bodies) thats not allowing it to stretch out.
            You can find Vooluu on this site with accurate reviews from my experience. As Lori mentioned its at ( Don’t be discouraged and update me on your progress =). Oh and hi Lori its been a while since ive last updated you 🙂 if you read above im up 3.5 inches total now!

          • I’m only 5ft smfh yeah I mean that was the only time I missed it plus I’m all the way in my 5th week hope it does make a big difference I want to start my adv tomorrow but have no pull up bar hopefully still works and about what time do you eat breakfast n everything cux imma late bird when it comes to those things

          • Khyana!!!
            How’s it going? Yeah usually it works better on shorter people from what i’ve heard so i expect good results from you if you’re 5ft. I think you will be ok without the pull up bar for now. Breakfast i have a great recipe its my speciality haha ill share it with you. I either
            1) Soy milk + 40-60g Vooluu protein powder + Special K cereal
            2) Soy milk + 40-60g Vooluu protein powder + 2 slices of toast with butter
            I usually dont have much time to eat since i wake up at like 4am but this is such a good way to get protein in during the morning with low calories, and some carbs to give you some energy!

          • Hi Khyana.
            No problem haha! Hmm i usually go for 7 hours of sleep but i’m a medical resident so I’m very busy and there are many days i dont sleep with 28hr shifts, and then pass out for 12-16 hours. It varies a lot between 4-16hrs, but i would say i try to get 7. Honestly i dont think it was so much the sleep, but the exercises that helped me.
            I was measuring once every 2 weeks and on mornings because i wanted to surprise myself. I noticed some growth on week 4, some on week 6, a lot on week 8 and past.

          • Ohhhh wow you are really busy well I didn’t get up to my 6th week yet I am waiting for this hanging bar so I can start the advanced exercises so far I got no height gain though smh , so you did it for a total of 12week btw I’m on my 5th week

          • yeah it has been a while i got to ask you one question when you was on the program did you follow the diet plan extually ? and i gave up wasnt working for me n i used vooluu so idk taking pills now

          • Hi Khyana
            I followed the plan perfectly and it has worked for me. But the plan doesn’t always guarantee success based on my observations. But the good thing is you can get a refund if its within 30 or 60 days I believe. I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work! Whats your plan now?

  4. I was skeptical at the name “grow taller 4 idiots” as well as the vendor site (looked sketchy to me personally) but with the 60 day refund guarantee i had nothing to lose, plus the reviews online are outstanding. I was always the girl in my group of friends, it was annoying. I tried growth hormone but that didn’t work except it made my hands bigger (BAD IDEA EVERYONE). I heard before that swimming and yoga can increase distance between vertebrae and this program seemed similar so i gave it a shot. Safe to say i did not refund it, they deserve every cent for this amazing program. I gained about 3.5 inches over a period of 6 weeks and this is the most confident i have ever felt. Life changing to say the least. You guys should charge more for this…or make the vendor page better lol

  5. Decided to try this with my wife, felt it would be worth it for 2 people. After about 8 weeks, i barely grew about half an inch, but my wife grew 3 inches. Not sure why, maybe this works better for some people than others? Although i must say she was more consistent then me. Either way great program. Never thought anyone could grow taller as adults but this proved me wrong. My wife is ecstatic lol. I give a 4/5.

      • Hi Lori congrats on your growth! I was wondering if your growth is in the spine only or both the spine and legs? Did you notice growth in your arms and feet as well? 🙂

        • Hi Christina,
          Thank you for asking me this question. The growth was probably 90 percent focused on the spine. Legs, arms or feet didn’t grow much. This is probably because most people naturally have a poor posture. Just by fixing poor posture people seemling grow taller. I hope this makes sence

  6. First of all, fuck that ghetto ass vendor sitee that looks like the hood in 8 mile. I only took a chance because of the 60 day refund policy but man it worked. Im up about 4 inches and i can almost dunk. Great program, fix the vendor site.

  7. The vooluuu I looked on it its very expensive it’s like $104 a bottle smh and in the advanced training did u guys do the first excercise and the advanced or all 3 of them

    • Hey Khyana,

      I tried out the Vooluu after reading positive reviews from this site and the fact that it won protein of the month in March 2016. I have to say yeah its expensive as hell but worth every cent. It costs alot of money get that much protein from just extracting from plants, but with all the vitamins and minerals i realized i no longer had to buy multivitamins or fibre which itself is usually 30-50$. It also has many micronutrients that you dont find in most multivitamins, and a high ratio of protein that tastes amazing with no added chemicals or preservatives. I literally feel like i’m drinking a forest haha. I only ever buy things after reading positive reviews and making sure there is a refund gaurantee, i highly recommend Vooluu, at least take a stab at it. Im here now finding ways to get taller lol god i love this site

    • Hi Khyana,

      You should do all 3 of them if possible, most people do. As Joe said, it is more expensive than traditional protein but it makes sense because every gram of protein is from extracting plants and vegetables, which is why is why it so rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, anti-oxidants and etc. Usually they extract protein from milk and process it in a factor, mixing it with chemicals and flavours which saves money.
      Keep me updates on your height!

      • Thanks a lot yeah I decided to buy it Anyways because of the money back but wow all three that’s gonna take forever but I’ll do it hopefully everything turns out well do you , perhaps did you eat lunch or any of your meals late ?

  8. Oh yeah and when I get the vooluu how much times did u take it a day because it’s like a snake right , and did u switch up the meats Every week ? All the meats

  9. Hi Lori, thanks for your review and congrats on the gain! I was just wondering if your growth was only in the spine or both the spine & legs? Did you notice growth in arms and feet too? 🙂

  10. Hello guys. I just started the program yesterday now I’m looking to stock up on my meals every week. im wondering if chicken breasts are considered the same meat as chicken liver?

  11. Hi, will this really work is it just a scam that takes people money? Please give me legit proof that it does work because I’ve heard of many people claiming its a scam and I need more motivation. Thank you!

      • ok thanks for replying It’s been almost a month and I’ve gained an inch so I’m motivated and am excited to continue the program and see how much I can grow. Plus I’m in my early teenage years so there’s probably more hope lol


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