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The gym is a great place to meet people, but have you ever considered meeting your significant partner there?  So if you have a gym crush than look no further. I personally have approached dozens of men and women at the gym. In this article, I’ll reveal my top three tips.

Rejection is over hyped
Whenever you approach somebody always be prepared to deal with rejection. A high chances exists that who ever your approaching is already taken. You should approach the person with the mentality of becoming friends and nothing more. Once you get a good vibe going then you can to pursue things further.

Some of the greatest friendships I’ve experienced, started from striking an conversion with people at the gym. Even if they are taken its still possible to build a meaning friendship. If your gym crush is attractive than chances are their friends are similar. See where i’m going with this?

Avoid being creepy
Try not to be creepy or weird. It’s fine to admire your crush but don’t go staring at then every few seconds. The key is to be yourself and remain as calm as possible. The key here is don’t over analyzing the situation. If you see her walking your way just remain calm and not sweat bullets.

Also i’m a firm believer that if its meant to be, its going to happen. So don’t try to schedule your workout around your gym crush. That is just creepy and you run the risk of letting others find out.

Ask for Advice
As a women who have been going to the gym for years, the best approach is to ask your gym crush for advice. If your gym crush is benching heavy weight, ask your gym crush what complimentary exercises you should use to increase your own bench.

From my own personal experiences, I realized that human beings are self-centered and love talk about themselves. If you can get somebody to talk about what they are passionate about, there is a good chance they won’t shut up.

So will you be approaching your gym crush?
I probably approached more than fifty individuals at the gym. Almost ninety percent of the time people are kind and receptive. From these individuals, I’ve build 2 relationships and over 10 meaning friendships. Just remember the key is to be yourself and remain claim. So that begs that question, will you be approaching your gym crush?

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