How Many Calories to Lose Weight Calculator

How many calories to lose weight calculator, have you seen all the different calculators online and wonder which one to use?

We’ll use Sarah as our example and plug her stats into the top five calculators that shows up on google. Sarah’s statistics will be:

  • Age: 22
  • Sex: Female
  • Height: 5’4″
  • Weight: 120 pounds
  • Activity level: Moderately active (optional some calculators don’t offer this option)

First one is the ever popular calculator from bodybuilding. When we plug-in Sarah’s numbers her BMR (basal metabolic rate) is 1373 calories. Sarah would need to consume 873 calories per day just to lose one pound per week which seems far to low.

If you don’t know, basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories your body burns per day while at an neutral environment. In this state you simply maintain your body weight.

how many calories to lose weight calculator need

Second up is another popular calculator from bmi-calculators. We get 1374.4 calories which is around one calories higher compared with bodybuilding’s. Again this seems a bit low and it leads me to believe that they both use a similar formula.

how many calories to burn to lose weight calculatorr

Third one up is a calculator from healthstatus webpage. This is a very popular website so lets see what numbers we will get. The number calculated is almost 800 calories higher! This number is calculated based of another equation but what a big difference right? From my experience this number seems a little to high. Based on this equation a female with our above stats would need 1627.54 calories per day to lose one pound per week.

how many calories should i burn to lose weight calculator

For our fourth calculator the entire site seems to be dedicated to calculations. Lets see what results this will yield us. With this calculator we get 1289 calories, which is pretty close to our first two calculators. Based of this calculation you would need 789 calories per day to lose one pound per week. To low in my opinion!

to lose weight calorie intake


Our last calculator will be from myfitnesspal webpage. Myfitnesspal is a well-known brand and its own app has helped thousands of people lose weight. Lets see what results they will yield us.

Looks like we get the same number from! It’s safe to assume that they both use the same formula.

calorie intake to lose weight calculator

How Many Calories to Lose Weight Calculator

Instead of choosing one calculator to use, its more effective to sum up the averages of all the calculators and use that number. So for our example:

  • 1373 + 1374.4 + 2127.54 + 1289 + 1289 = 7452.94
  • 7452.94/5 = 1490 calories (average)

So based on these numbers a female with our above stats needs 1490 calories per day to maintain her might. If she wants to lose one pound per week we would subtract five hundred which would give us 990 calories. 

To be honest 990 is really low so I would recommend adding anywhere between 300 to 400 calories. So in this example, Sarah can try consuming 1390 calories daily for an entire week.

So if Sarah lost one pound by only consuming 1390 calories for an entire week, then she can rest assure that she has found your sweet spot.

How Many Calories to Lose Weight Calculator Conclusion

Now that you know which calculators to use, give them a try and comment yours findings below! It’s essentially trial and error until you find your sweet spot.

If you feel overwhelmed at the amount of information that I provided, feel free to drop a comment below. I hope you enjoyed my post on how many calories to lose weight calculator.

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