how to lose weight in your thighs

How to lose weight in your thighs, have you ever asked yourself this question? If you have than keep reading, I’ll share some tricks that you can use immediately. 

First of all, a women’s thigh starts to lean down at around 14 to 16 percent body fat. However, for your thighs to lean down you must first understand what type of thighs you have. Do you have chubby thighs or muscular thighs? To know the answer take my simple test below. 


how to lose weight in your thighs

  1. Keep your leg straight
  2. Tighten your leg
  3. Pinch the skin on your thighs 

If you pinch and there is lots of skin, than excess weight is making your thighs bigger. 

If there is very little skin, then you most likely have over trained leg and thigh muscles.

Usually large thighs are caused by two reasons:

  • Over development (from resistance training)
  • Over weight (excess caloric consumption)

It’s usually one or the other but in rare cases it can be a combination of both. For example Latina girls are known to have big thighs regardless of body fat percentage. As a general rule of thumb:

  • If your overweight then use cardio and a caloric deficit to lose weight overall.
  • If you have excess development then cut back on the volume and gym sessions. Doing cardio while dieting with no exercises is a good way to burn up any excess muscle tissues.

Avoid certain exercises
Exercises such as barbell squats, romanian deadlifts, lunges and leg extensions all increase the development of your inner and outer thigh muscles. They do not slim your thighs but instead develop the muscle tissue around them. I’m not advising anyone to stop training legs all together. If your thighs are over developing then simply cut back on the volume.

Cardio and running
Have you ever noticed how all sprinters and marathon runners have skinny but muscular thighs? Cardio or any form of running targets endurance based muscle fibers. Muscular endurance is the ability of the muscle to sustain repeated contractions against a resistance within an established time frame.  While lifting weights builds muscular strength and power, running will build muscular endurance.

Endurance training such as running helps build capillaries and muscle fibers that can sustain long periods of contractions. This results in powerful legs without the bulky mass you get with weight training. Cardio is your best friend!

Go on a diet
If you are overweight then consider going on a diet. Preferably find a program that places you in an caloric deficit that helps you lose anywhere between 1 to 2 pounds per week. Personally my thighs is the first places to get fat and the last to lose. If you need a good diet program then I suggest the 3 week regime. This is an entire topic on its own. You can read more by clicking here.

Don’t expect miracles
Losing weight in your thighs takes patience and time. You can’t spot reduce fat meaning you can’t target a specific area of your body to lose weight first. For most people the thighs are the last place to slim up. If you put in the work and remain consistent then you will find your success. This is for anything in life!

Get to the gym and life some weight
If you lack size than consider weight training to increase the definition and mass of your thighs. In order to have great legs you need the right combination of body fat percentage and muscle mass. I would suggest training your thighs once a week with a rep range between 8 to 15 reps.

Most girls build a good amount of muscle within 1-3 years of consistently training their thighs. Build the right amount of size than train enough just to maintain it. A good example of overdeveloped muscle mass would be an bodybuilder. If you need a beginner’s guide for losing weight, then you can check out this article from bodybuilding webpage.

how to lose weight in your thighs
Example of over development

Stay hydrated
Water flushes out toxins and helps hydrate your cells. Your skin is made of cells and staying hydrated helps keep the skin firm. Whats the point in having great thighs but seeing flaky and dry skin? I recommended drinking between 8 to 12 glasses of water per day.

In conclusion
So that begs the question, do you know how to lose weight in your thighs now? If you feel overwhelmed at the amount of information that I provided, feel free to drop a comment below. I hope you enjoyed my post on how to lose weight in your thighs.

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how to lose weight in your thighs




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