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Have you heard of metabolic cooking? Its an popular program designed to help you eat delicious food and lose weight at the same time. We enjoy food, but we always have to worry about the aftermath of gaining weight. For this reason I decided to write a review on Metabolic cooking, This review is based on my own personal experience, so here is my offer:

No gimmick and straight to the point, I will give you my honest opinion on Metabolic cooking, okay?

What is Metabolic cooking?
metabolic cooking

Metabolic cooking  is a program that teaches you how to prepare food in a healthy delicious way that prompts weight loss. It is a collection of 9 individual cookbooks that is designed for individuals who wants to accelerate their fat loss with through metabolic boost. Metabolic boost simply means increasing your bodies metabolism. This can be achieved with what you choose to eat, which you will learn in this cookbook.

How will it help me burn fat?
Yes this program certainty will. Metabolic cooking has been designed with maximum fat loss in mind. Instead of using low caloric foods, fat burning foods are used instead. Metabolic cooking will supercharge your metabolism and help you lose weight more effectively.

To be honest, you can probably find all the foods that boosts your metabolism online. My recommendation is to invest in this program anyways, you save your time doing research plus you will learn how to cook and lose weight effectively. To learn more about natural fat burning foods, checkout this article.

Do these recipes really help me burn fat?
Yes they will. Most people have trouble losing weight simply because they reduce their calories too low. Each recipes is designed with the ingredients that provide the most the highest metabolic boost. You can simply eat more and still lost weight.

Can Metabolic cooking be used by both sexes?
Yes it can. Fat loss occurs the same way in both males and females. Age will effect the rate of fat loss though. An older individual will have to be more patient, since metabolism slows down as you get older.

How much time do I need to spend in the kitchen?
With metabolic cooking, you may have to spend more time when you first start. But after you get the hang of it, you will spend less time and it will be easy.

I am old, will metabolic cooking still work?
Most certainly will! Regardless of age, anyone can still lose weight on this cookbook. If you are older it might take a little longer to see results, Your metabolism slows down as you age, just be patient and the results will show.

Are the ingredients expensive?
Pretty much costs the same as regular grocery shopping. I wouldn’t worry too much about budget.

Metabolic cooking versus its competitors:
Instead of using low calories foods to promote fat loss like other diet books, the recipes are created with metabolic boost foods you can eat more without sacrificing taste.

Who is the author?
metabolic cooking
Karien Losier: She has a degree in psychology with a strong passion in nutrition and weight loss. She has helped many people face the psychological problems of fat loss during her carrer. This two individuals combined are a really perfect duo.

David Ruel: A competitive bodybuilder and fitness coach, he has a degree and certifications in both training and nutrition. He is a firm believer that losing weight starts in the kitchen and not in the actual gym. He is known for help many of his clients getting in shape.


Whats included in the Metabolic cookbook?
The cookbook is actually 9 individual e-books. Each e-book contains a category of food. They contain a total of 250 recipes, these 9 books are:

  • Breakfast            metabolic cooking
  • Read meat
  • Chicken and poultry
  • Vegetarian
  • Snacks
  • Smoothies
  • Pork
  • Fish and seafood
  • Sides


What will you learn?

You will also learn:

  • Includes over 250 healthy fat burning recipes: All these recipes are easy to prepare and delicious. They are low calories and will help burn the fat of your body.
  • Custom fat loss plan: You will learn how to create your own fat loss meal plan that suites your needs. Whether its losing weight or toning down, you will learn it all
  • Fat loss rules: You will learn 10 nutrition and cooking rules that will help you in your fat loss.
  • Continuous fat loss: Karien will teach how to eat and at what times to continually keep your body in a fat burning mode.
  • Metabolic cooking fat burning protocol: The three step process you will learn that will help boost your metabolic
  • Budget: you will learn the tips and tricks when purchasing grocery to save the most of your money.

Personal tip: All the nutritional information is provided by the recipes. I recommend checking out the Myfitnesspal application for your mobile devices. This will allow you track all your meals correctly.

Sample recipe:
metabolic cooking

The things I liked:

  • Nutritional information: Probably my favorite part. Each recipes includes the number of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and the number of calories. If you are strict on your diet and counting, this will be perfect for you.
  • Simple: The authors made the recipes easy to follow. Even if you do not have a cooking background, it still can be easily understood.
  • Ingredients: Most of the required ingredients can be easily found at your local grocery store.
  • Refund: 60 day money back guaranteed, if you happened to dislike it, you can simply get your money back.
  • Price: $30 for a limited time (Original price $47)

Here are the things I disliked:

  • Reading: good amount of reading involved
  • Lack of scientific reference: book makes its fair statements of facts. Would of like to see some references to prove its facts
  • No primary e-book: you get 9 e-books in total, would get kind of confusing where to start. Would have been nice to see more organization.

Here are some actual videos of Karien cooking one of her recipes:

Final Verdict
Overall metabolic cooking is a great fat loss cookbook. You get nine e-books filled with dozens of recipes and the author is very knowledgeable as well. The reassuring part is the offer of a 60 day money back guarantee, so why not give it a try? Even if you don’t get the results you desire, you can get your money back. So what do you have to lose? Overall this is a great cookbook, and it has my recommendation. 

Click below to download The Metabolic cookbook and visit the official website

metabolic cooking


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  1. Great pointers for your health and diet.
    The recipes that I have tried were very easy, quick and quite yummy. My kids liked it and it was fun to check. A nice program to check out

  2. Just wanted to say your live chat support is so useful and helpful! I bought this a couple days ago and so far it has been AMAZINGG to say the least, especially the smoothie recipes. The 60 day return guarantee sold me, but i wont be using it haha 🙂


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