Peanut butter healthy
Peanut butter healthy

Is peanut butter healthy, that is the question asked today. I always hear that peanut butter should be avoided at all costs during a diet, and today i’m here to go against that statement. Let me tell you why peanut butter is healthy…

What is peanut butter?
Peanut butter is a paste of ground roasted peanuts which is usually consumed with a piece of bread. It is a reservoir of energy and contains fats and monosaccharides. It contains good fats which help to reduce heart disease and cholesterol.

Peanut butter manufacturing/production
Before you ask yourself is peanut butter healthy, we have to discuss its production methods. First, roasted peanuts are grounded until they are converted into a paste like structure. From here things like sugar, salt or food additives are added. 

Health benefits
People avoid peanut butter because they think that it will make them fat. Here is the kicker, this is not true at all! Peanut butter is placed in the “naughty list” due to its high caloric content. The truth is that one gram of peanut butter contains roughly 9 calories. Take a few spoonfuls of peanut butter without tracking, and you will easily surpass your daily caloric limits. This doesn’t mean that you should exclude peanut butter from your diet. Use peanut butter to hit your daily fat macros easily and efficiently. 

Nutritional Value of Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is a rich source of nutrients; 100 grams of peanut usually provides the following daily allowances:

Manganese: 73% of the RDA

Copper: 24% of RDA

Vitamin B6: 27% of

Vitamin B3: 67% of RDA

Folate: 18% of RDA

Vitamin E: 45% of RDA

Where RDA stands for “Recommended Dietary Allowance”

Peanut butter not only has vitamins and fats, but also has some other important nutrients. Peanut butter is rich in antioxidants which are considered as the “scavengers of free radicals”, antioxidants are very good for health. It also has p-coumaric acid which helps to reduce the risk of stomach cancer. Additionally it has “resveratrol” which helps to reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases. A sufficient amount of Beta-sitosterol is also present which acts as anti-cancer agent.

Can peanut butter help me lose weight?
At the end of the day, whether you lose weight is governed by calories in versus calories out. Peanut butter provides an healthy source of fat when dieting. It tastes great but the key is to have moderation due to its high caloric content. 

Will you be eating more peanut butter?
I know i’ll be eating my peanut butter sandwich, how bout you? What are your thoughts and comments on my article? If somebody asked you is peanut butter healthy, what would your response be? Comment bellow!

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Peanut butter healthy



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