tricks to lose weight fast

Tricks to Lose Weight Fast
Remember that awesome looking guy you passed on the street the other day and wished you could have a figure like that? You would probably assume this guy eats every 2-3 hours and at the gym 24/7. This article rather is about how to apply the cheats. Note that even these so-called shortcuts require considerable effort on your part, not to mention quite a bit of dedication and you must supplement normal methods for losing weight as well. Before going any further, let us first discuss a few of the most traditional methods.

  • First off, cut down on the amount of sugar you intake. This is a very common advice for everyone. Sugar is the primary source of inducing the production of insulin, the primary component of fat storage.
  • Work out, yes, it is hard and requires considerable effort on your part, but there is really no alternative to this. Even if you opt for the shortcuts, you will still need to work out.
  • Incorporating a protein rich and low carbohydrate diet. This induces your body to metabolize the fat more quickly while maintaining your muscle mass.

Well, now that those points are out of the way, let us start with the main reason you are here.

See how the glamorous actresses turn from being downright overweight in one movie to having a slim and trim body for the next in just a month? Well, that is not impossible. The only deterrent is the fact that while they are paid to look good, you have to build up the motivation for yourself to do it.

Tricks to Lose Weight Fast Tip 1 – Chew Gum
There have been a lot of crazy trends that have been followed. While we will not downright debunk it, we will still advise you to try out our advice. For example, the best cheat would be to eat less and min-nick the motion of gum chewing. Researchers at Harvard have noted that chewing gum itself reduces your cravings and speeds up your metabolism. Researchers suggested that the motion of chewing sends signals to the part of the brain responsible for appetite and food cravings. Also can’t we all agree that dieting is stressful? I don’t know about you guys, but chewing gum relaxes and calms me down.

Tricks to Lose Weight Fast Tip 2 – Workout a Little Bit More
This is one of my personal favorites. For all your workout sessions, try adding an extra 10 minutes at the end of your session. Adding an extra 10 minutes is an extra 30 minutes of workout time, assuming you gym three days per week. The average workout lasts anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes. Lets say you workout 3 days per week. In one month that is an extra 2 hours of workout time, and in one year that is 24 hours! Getting an extra 30 minutes will make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. 

Tricks to Lose Weight Fast Tip 3 – Cosmetic Solutions
Got acne? Bad teeth? These are all the things you can fix on the side while your dieting. Keeping good personal hygiene can make you appear more youthful and aesthetic. As you lose weight your clear skin, straight teeth and well-trimmed eyebrows will complement your weight loss. This should give you enough motivation to continue with your diet program!

Tricks to Lose Weight Fast Tip 4 – Past Relationships
Broke up with your girlfriend or boyfriend lately? Think about it, getting in shape and losing weight is the best way to get them back. When you lose weight you literally become a brand new person. On a scale of 10 losing weight will generally bump anyone 1-3 points. Everyone is envious of a person in great shape, and you can be that person.

But applying cheats isn’t enough! One must diet correctly and apply the cheats on the side to accelerate his or her weight loss. If you are just starting out and clueless on weight loss, then check out my review of the 3 week diet. It’s a great program and will help you get started. You can click here to read my review.

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