vooluu organic protein shake

Have you heard of Vooluu green protein shake?  This is an delicious organic green protein shake that is made from high quality ingredients, non GMO and simply delicious. I bought and tested this protein myself, so here’s my offer…

No gimmick and straight to the point, I will give you my honest opinion on Vooluu okay? You can visit the official page by clicking here

What is Vooluu?
Vooluu is a superior green protein shake that is loaded with not only protein but healthy micro-nutrients that will fuel your body. Vooluu is an combination of organic protein greens that is blended with vegetables and organic fruit. This is not just a protein shake, Vooluu has improved my digestion, recovery and a great source of protein for vegans.


vooluu organic protein shake
Who is Vooluu protein for?
Unlike your traditional protein, Vooluu is made with organic fruits and vegetables. This is an ideal protein for vegans and vegetarians. But people who are health conscious can use this for great success as well.

Does it help with weight loss?
If your in an caloric deficit this protein will help you maintain muscle mass and lost weight. Personally I have lost over 20 pounds by switching to an organic protein. The main difference is the increased in health benefits you would notice. Clearer skins, improved energy levels are some of the things to look out for. Vooluu is high in protein and fiber which is needed for any weight loss diet. 

My friend after 6 weeks of dieting and supplementing with Vooluu

What separates it from the competition?
Vooluu is not just an protein shake. The source of protein are all green/organic based. As a result you get more essential nutrients compared with standard protein shakes. Also one of the few vegan friendly products that currently in the market.

What ingredients are included?
Their are to many ingredients to list, so I would list the most important ones. These are:

Pea protein: Highly digestible plant protein this is great for anyone with a sensitive stomach and that dislikes dairy and soy.
Sprouted brown rice protein: Unpolished brown rice that is loaded with essential nutrients.
Hemp protein: Hemp is an plant protein that contains 21 known amino acids.
Amaranth flour: Gluten free flour which contains essential amino acids.
Broccoli: High in fiber and vitamin C, broccoli is packed with antioxidants.

Cabbage: Source of potassium, fiber and vitamin B1.
Chlorella: An amazing source of protein, iron, magnesium and zinc.
Barley grass: Green grasses that contains minerals, vitamins and chlorophyll. Great for digestion and helps supply your body with nutrients.
Spirulina: Algae that is high in protein and an source of antioxidants and vitamin B. Also promotes healthier looking skin.

Grams Per Serving
With three scoops (45g serving) you get 24 grams of muscle building protein which makes it perfect for post and pre-workout consumption.  You also get 250mg of potassium per serving which helps prevents bloating and 3 grams of dietary fiber, which in return will keep you full. Sugar is fairly low and limited to 3 grams per serving and only contain a total of 4.5 grams per serving. One serving is 180 calories which is low and great for dieting.

Protein Quality
The protein is a combination of pea protein, sprouted brown rice, and hemp protein. This blend results in a protein that is purely organic that is absorbed by the body quickly. In return this provides your muscles the needed nutrients it needs to grow. This protein also contains high quality amino acids that will fuel your muscles. This is great for pre and post workout consumption.

In my personal opinion tastes awesome and mixes very well. When mixed the protein doesn’t clump up to the side of the cup, I personally drank it for 3 months straight and did not get bored of it. The texture is kind of clunky due to the quality of the ingredients. But considering the quality of the ingredients this is something I got over quite easily.

A tub of Vooluu is 15 to 20 dollars more expensive then your standard protein but their is a good reason for this. Most of the protein you find in your supplements stores is derived from milk which is taken to a factory and and artificial flavours, chemicals as well as preservatives. Vooluu is organic and mainly extracted from plants and veggies so that’s why their is a higher price point. One bottle costs around $89.95. Avoid the subscription model if this is your first time trying Vooluu. The subscription models are for people who have tested the protein and love it.

What if I happen to dislike it?
Vooluu wants you to be completely satisfied with their product. You are backed by a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and a 60 Day Exchange Guarantee.  Simply return the empty and/or unused portion of your product with the original invoice. You can reach them at customercare@vooluu.com.  They also offer an 60 day exchange program where you can return the product and get another bottle in case you something was wrong with your original bottle.

Personal tip: The protein is high in quality but is sort of expensive for its price. You can definitely buy less quality protein but get more bang for your buck out there. My personal recommendation is to invest in this protein at least once and try it out, the health benefits will make up for the price and quality is definitely spot on.

My Experience
I tried many types of protein and this is far the best except for taste. I have tasted better protein but that doesn’t mean Vooluu doesn’t tastes good, I’ve just had better. The health benefits are definitely noticeable due to all the essential nutrients. Here are some things I’ve noticed:

  •  Mental clarity (Feel more energy and focus)
  •  Healthy skin (Noticed my skins became more clear)
  •  Build muscle (Packed on muscle, but this can also be attributed to me working out five  days per week) 
  •  Health (Skins better and feel full of life)

Nutritional value
Below is the nutritional facts and all the ingredients.

vooluu organic protein shake
My Final Verdict
Vooluu  provides the user with a delicious way to consume necessary levels of protein, nutrients and minerals , which is an huge chore and inconvenience. The only downside is the premium price that comes along with the premium product.

This is one of my favorite proteins because I care not just about gaining muscle, but the health benefits as well. With 24 grams of quality protein  per serving, you know you are getting an quality protein shake with Vooluu. You are also getting awesome taste that is great for its price. Vooluu offers a 60 day money back guarantee, so why not give it a try? If you happen to dislike the protein shake, you can request a refund. So what do you have to lose? This protein has given me good results so its at least worth a try.

      You can learn more about Vooluu and the benefits of eating                               organic by clicking the link below.
vooluu organic protein shake

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Lori Yu
Lori Yu is the founder of Reviewyu. I am passionate blogger and fitness enthusiast by heart. This blog is made to express my knowledge on writing blogs and losing weight.


  1. Got it yesterday and pretty impressed with the results. Recently started going vegan so this is a perfect match for me.

  2. I received a bag of Vooluu during its free promotional phase and I absolutely love it. Taste is awesome, blends well and mixes easy in a shaker. Perfect solution to add one scope to my pre-workouts. Love it and recommend for anyone, My previous protein was gold standard whey but i’m switching over to this now.
    The best about the protein is the low calories to protein ratio. The biggest upside is the surge of vitamins and minerals due to it being organic. Worth a try! 😀

  3. I bought this protein a few weeks ago. I’m not easiest person in terms of food. I have celiac disease, meaning i cant have gluten. Im also allergic to dairy products.
    I wanted to lose weight but i needed around 100g of protein a day in my diet to keep my muscle, and there was no way i could get that without protein powder. Alot of the organic proteins out there are quite expensive, but i decided to try Vooluu which was decently priced. It tastes amazing, and my diet is going GREAT. I just order 3 more bottles. Highly recommend 5/5 for anyone like me.

  4. Just bought 4 more bottles. Incredible protein. I use to use gold standard whey but this is a whole new level, worth every cent!

  5. Im a vegan fitness trainer meaning i need about 80g of protein a day which is VERY hard as a vegan. Ive tried many organic proteins in the past but i have to say this is hands down the best protein i have ever had.
    Protein per serving: 5/5
    Carb/Fat/Calorie to protein ratio: 4.5/5
    Vitamins/minerals/fibre: 5/5
    Taste: 4.5/5
    Not sure why i didn’t find this earlier, i feel its a new product and it is incredible. Is there a discount if i purchase 10+ bottles at a time?

  6. Hey there! I’ve been hearing amazing things about this protein but im neither vegan or all-out-organic I was wondering- i usually take gold standard whey protein but it lacks a ton of vitamins, minerals and fibre. If i take this protein, will it replace me taking multivitamin pills?

    • You can replace it. Their are more vitamins and essential minerals in this protein compared with your standard multivitamin pills.

  7. Hey Lori, Its Derrick from BioQuest. Sorry for messaging here but the email you gave me seems to be wrong. I got the Vooluu protein sample, great stuff. Please contact me, i would like to inquire about a possible discount on a bulk order.

    Best regards,


  8. Im not vegan but i have celiac disease and it is so hard to find a good protein, but i must say this protein is amazing. Got mine a couple weeks ago and came back to order more. It is definitely gluten-free as i have had no symptoms, the protein ratio is high, and its so green and fresh i swear there are things living inside my protein bottle LOL.


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